Google Glass


Technology is evolving with the changing time and will keep on evolving as the needs of human beings change. Started from large sized computers the technology has become smarter in every way, its size, efficiency, affordability and communications. The technology had been doing well in all domains of its aspects in everyday life as most considerable products including laptops, tablets and smart phones. The next step in technology evolution is here that is wearable technology gadgets that give and easy access to technology to consumers. It was estimated back in few years that wearable tech products will have a huge sale in 2014 year and it was quite true as few last years have seen a boom in wearable technology industry. Wearable technology include smart watches, augmented reality, virtual reality and the most anticipated is google glass that seems to be a revolutionary product in wearable technology.

Google glass seems to have attracted millions of viewers with its amazing features that can be utilized in different fields of life enhancing its uses. That is why a lot companies are also putting their efforts and finance in production of smart glasses so that it can bring new horizons for business. Google glass was reportedly supposed to be used for the protection of people in society by giving them to police men so that they could get update information. This application of Google glass makes it an innovation motived to use for the protection of society and keeping pace and ensure security as well. Another innovative use of Google glass was seen in pediatric surgery where the glass was used during surgery and in communication with the people and patients and the response was overwhelming as everyone encouraged it because of its hands free features, like you can make a call, capture picture, make video call, record video and much more.

It seems that google glass has a lot of emerging applications in real world that could help people in different fields of life and have a positive impact on society as well. It offers some threats and social issues as well, that will be discussed as well. However there are other implications to uses of Google glass as well, and the most important is the security concern that should be put to preference while its usage in normal life. In this paper we will discuss about application of Google glass and innovative wearable technology and what are the security threats to its users and how the attackers can get unauthorized access to google glass.

Google Glass and Its Adoption

Whenever a new technology is introduced in the market and reaches consumers, most of the consumers are not actually aware of the fact that in what technology will be useful for them. A lot of technology inventions have been failed because they did not actually defined usability of that technology. The same is happening with Google glass as the fact is defined by Jason Hong in his article. He illustrated the case with example of Facebook, when it launched its Newsfeed feature for the first time it faced a lot of criticism as it will destroy privacy of individuals. However the criticism was dead after few months as the people get to know about the uses how Newsfeed was helping users to become aware of other people’s updates rather than going to individual profile and checking their status (Hong, 2013). It showed how the demands of people will change by time and they will be aware of usefulness of wearable tech in this case Google Glass. This turned out to be true for Google glass as it has been tested in different departments of life. Google glass was tested by public safety officials who could use it to share real time information related to some persons (Matthew Christian, 2014). Hong clearly mentioned that how the technology implications are changed over time but there is need to describe users about its usability in the real life.

Another emerging application of Google glass can be seen in medical department where wearable technology was used for surgery to record all the information and details related to visuals. Glass was tested during surgery and it proposed a new useful aspect of Google Glass as it was easy to update medical record capturing pictures during surgery with its hands free features (Oliver J. Muensterera, 2014).

However there were certain concerns related to the five pillars of information. Availability is the most important because the information should be available whenever required. During testing of Google Glass in pediatric surgery, there were a lot issues with connectivity that resulted in failure of information transmission that could further result in confidentiality and integrity of information as it may provide a loop hole to hackers to get into system. The same application of google glass was done in wound care management and it produced positive results there are well. The researchers found it very useful as hand free image capturing was the best they can use while treating patient and managing patients record that involved long processes in the past (Gabriel Aldaz).

We have seen a lot new application of wearable technology gadgets specifically google glass is being used in different fields of life that can add value to number of professions. Talking about the introduction of google glass in life of lay man it can also add values. It is commonly known that texting while driving is very alarming while you are at back end of wheel on the road. It is cause of most of road accidents. A study was conducted considering the performance of drivers while wearing google glass and use it for texting (Jibo Hea, 2015). Even after a lot awareness campaigns, texting while driving is still a serious threat, however the studies conducted by Hea shows that using google glass for texting while driving can be a promising feature. It does not mean that it will be totally hassle free for driver.

There are number of security implications that are to ensure the safety and security of information. That are five important factors that are needed for information that are availability, integrity, reliability, confidentiality and authentication. Considering google glass, there are many risks that are attached to its usage. One of the most important threat because of use of Google Glass, is leakage of information. That is because the information might be leaked and it cause security threats. These threats can be dealt with as well.

Security Approach to threats

Martini has presented number of ways that could be used in order to avoid such security threats presented to wearable technologies more considerably to google glass. Google glass has shown number of positive and helpful application in different fields of life like in security and medical sciences. These both departments are very sensitive and the information should be protected at every possible cost. If we talk about google glass in medical sciences, then it contains important information related to patients. Wearable gadgets have touch free functionality like making phone calls, taking pictures, recording videos and many more. If the hackers are able to get access to such gadgets, it means they will be able to use all the functionality of such wearable gadget.

However there are many practices that can be applied for the use of gadgets in organization. It is possible to disable the specific functionality of mobile phone in order to secure the environment (Martini, 2014). But on the other hand, like smart phones have camera that can be used the same functionality exists in google glass. In this case use of such gadgets should be restricted within the boundary of organization. It is all needed to be organized and developed policy.

It is reported that most of the security threats within organizations are unintentional. It is because the employees are not aware of proper usage of applications. The availability and integrity of information is needed to be protected and other security practice to secure the information. These wearable gadgets are needed to be designed in a way that are totally secure. However the information should be available and secure as well. These are common threats that make wearable glasses easy to be hacked. If the information is to be accessed from everywhere then the authentication process should be strong enough as well.


Wearable technologies have been developed and being used in everyday life. Google Glass is one of such wearable gadget that has got future applications. It has got its potential in medical, security fields. However there are other security threats that are presented to these wearable technologies. Those threats can be dealt in number of ways like educating employees who have been using gadgets. The information is meant to be secured to ensure its availability, integrity, confidentiality, and authentication.


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