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Disaster Recovery Plan – Answer Questions

Assembling the disaster recovery team The disaster recovery plan must be ready for every organization so that the system of the organization can bring back to functionality in the times of disaster. The disaster recovery plan cannot be created by anyone who knows how the organization works. There must be a special team who works

Disaster Recovery Planning – Question Answers

Question 1 Do the different methods of backing up your data have a dependency on the type of recovery site that you use? Justify your answer. (7 points) The data is very important for any company; either it is a bank or an educational institution. The organizations and enterprises rely on the availability of their

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Disaster Recovery Plan – Short Questions Answers

Unfortunately, many organizations have to experience the pain of disaster to understand how it could be circumvented or mitigated the events that caused the pain. Provide a short disaster recovery plan (DRP) to prevent a small company’s IT operation. Make a list of procedures to complete in preparation of the DRP. You may use fictitious

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