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Databases and Information Security in Corporate Sector – Research Proposal

1 Introduction In this age of information, it is very important to keep it secure as well. The information is very important either for a person or for a corporation.  The real importance of information can be easily understand by thinking that all the business being done over the internet is only because of the

Disaster Recovery Plan – Short Questions Answers

Unfortunately, many organizations have to experience the pain of disaster to understand how it could be circumvented or mitigated the events that caused the pain. Provide a short disaster recovery plan (DRP) to prevent a small company’s IT operation. Make a list of procedures to complete in preparation of the DRP. You may use fictitious

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Cyber Warfare – Are We Losing It?

1.    Introduction - Cyber Warfare With the growing trends in information technology and dependence on it has opened new threats to information security around different organizations and nations. Information threat is considered to be one of the greatest threat in recent times because it holds the secret information of all the people in a country

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Introduction Social networking is new way of communication in our daily lives and has become an integral part of how we interact with our co-workers and friends. The adoption of social networks is not only limited to everyone in their personal lives only but it has extended its usage to work places as well. People