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Cyber Warfare – Are We Losing It?

1.    Introduction - Cyber Warfare With the growing trends in information technology and dependence on it has opened new threats to information security around different organizations and nations. Information threat is considered to be one of the greatest threat in recent times because it holds the secret information of all the people in a country

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Marketing Analysis: UAE and UK GAP Analysis

Market Analysis 1.    UAE and its Culture United Arab Emirates has got an old tradition and a developed culture with the people coming from different countries of the world and being the part of that culture. Emirati has got its root from Arab culture that is more inspired from the Persian culture. It is said

Differences between Social Media and Social Networks

Introduction Social media and social networking are used as same term interchangeably, but there is a clear distinction between these terms. In order to understand the difference between these terms it is important to understand each term in depth. The development of technology has brought us far from where we started and evolved with the

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Introduction ‘It’s a small world’, is an expression that we commonly used when we encounter with someone to whom we are acquaintance with someone we know. The people in the world are now connected with the digital technology with the advent of internet and social networking sites like Facebook that have 1.71 billion active users.

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Introduction Social networking is new way of communication in our daily lives and has become an integral part of how we interact with our co-workers and friends. The adoption of social networks is not only limited to everyone in their personal lives only but it has extended its usage to work places as well. People

Is the hashtag increasing number of followers

1.     Abstract Hashtag has become a famous word around the social media because of its extensive use. It has been increasing day by day as people are enjoying this amazing feature. There are some critiques as well who thing that it is not an effective thing to be implemented over the social website. It is