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Databases and Information Security in Corporate Sector – Research Proposal

1 Introduction In this age of information, it is very important to keep it secure as well. The information is very important either for a person or for a corporation.  The real importance of information can be easily understand by thinking that all the business being done over the internet is only because of the

Database Security Models for Context Aware Applications A Study – Research Proposal

1 Introduction - Database Security Models As the computers have become omnipresent and their excessive use it showed new directions for the development of number of different applications. Moreover, other devices like mobile phones are mostly carried while on travel or in the office rather than carrying a laptop. This replacement of mobile devices let the

Distributed System Design Plan – N Tier Architecture

1.     Introduction As the multitasking started back in 1960’s, it was easy to access a single computer (server) form a client side. This client server communication was working fine till the number of clients accessing the server was not increased. When the number of clients increased, the distance between the client and the server also

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Knowledge Management – Question Answers

What is knowledge management and why is it important?   There is no proper definition about knowledge management; however it can be defined as an approach that is used by the organizations to achieve their objectives with the best utilization of knowledge (Levinson). It is basically a concept in which the enterprise focuses on gathering,

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GAP and SWOT Analysis for Security Analysis in Saudi Aramco

1.     Abstract The Information Technology Processes are used in Saudi Aramco at different level to process and organize the organizations in an efficient manner with the implementation of strategic planning. IT processes helps at different levels of development and management of Saudi Aramce.  A framework is designed and implemented to make this organization more beneficial

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Forensics Investigation Environment

Introduction - Forensics Investigation The computer is being used by majority of the people living today. There are linked to the computer either directly or indirectly. The computer systems are gaining their implementations in different departments. Either it is education or the military, the computers are to be found everywhere. The computers are being used

Empirical Evaluation in Software Engineering (Principles)

1.     Introduction Empirical evaluation can be defined as a way of gaining knowledge based on observations or experiments. Empirical evaluation has become very important in almost all fields. It has significant importance in technology as well. If we talk about empirical evaluation in terms of technology then it is also called technology evaluation. When we

What are the factors effecting varying customer trust in e-commence

1.     Introduction - Online Shopping The extensive of the internet has opened a lot of new dimensions for different business. This usage of the internet has been a focus for the companies who want to increase their sale by reaching maximum number of people. People are using internet accessing different websites using their personal computers,

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Disaster Recovery Plan – Answer Questions

Assembling the disaster recovery team The disaster recovery plan must be ready for every organization so that the system of the organization can bring back to functionality in the times of disaster. The disaster recovery plan cannot be created by anyone who knows how the organization works. There must be a special team who works

Cloud Database – Database As A Service

1.     Introduction A database can be accessed by the clients via the internet from the cloud database service provider and is deliverable to the users when they demand it. In other words, cloud database is designed for virtualized computer environment. The cloud database is implemented using cloud computing that means utilizing the software and hardware