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Implantable Medical Devices – A Short Review

Implantable Medical Devices - IMDs 1.   Introduction Few decades back, it was thought that there was no replacement of internal body parts that could prolong life span of human beings. However the concept was clear that after complete analysis that if certain body parts could be replaced with other functional parts then the life span

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Disaster Recovery Plan – Short Questions Answers

Unfortunately, many organizations have to experience the pain of disaster to understand how it could be circumvented or mitigated the events that caused the pain. Provide a short disaster recovery plan (DRP) to prevent a small company’s IT operation. Make a list of procedures to complete in preparation of the DRP. You may use fictitious

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Cyber Warfare – Are We Losing It?

1.    Introduction - Cyber Warfare With the growing trends in information technology and dependence on it has opened new threats to information security around different organizations and nations. Information threat is considered to be one of the greatest threat in recent times because it holds the secret information of all the people in a country

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Cyber Security – Breifing – A Short Review

1.    Introduction Information being processed in every organization is meant to be secured from unauthorized person for various reasons including, leakage interpretation. The organizations are also focusing on implementing best practices that could ensure the security of information that they store for different processes, like for prognosis or for record keeping. In order to secure

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Cryptography – Questions & Answers

Cryptography - Questions & Answers Q. 1. Cryptography has been used in one form or another for over 4,000 years, and the attacks on cryptography have probably been in place for 3,999 years and 364 days. As one group of people works to find new ways to hide and transmit secrets, another group of people

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Security Issues in Distributed Environment – QA

Security Issues in Distributed Environment - QA Q1 Our distributed environments have put much more responsibility on the individual users, facility management, and administrative procedures and controls than in old days. Physical security is not just the night guard who carries around a big flashlight. Now, security can be extremely technical, comes in many forms,

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1. Abstract The importance of cellular network is increasing with passage of time and other than mobile devices; computer devices are also being connected to this network for exchange of information. The trend of exchanging the information is increasing that demands higher data transfer rate. The device to device (D2D) communication will be a good

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Hospital Management System – Complete Project

1.    Overview of the Project 1.1.        Purpose The basic motive of this project is to develop a system that could control the different departments in medical facility or hospital and can regulate different tasks without any minor error. The system is meant to provide updated information to different departments so that everyone controlling or using

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Certificate of Inspection – Legal Case Study

Certificate of Inspection - Legal Case Study What PerEngineering would have to establish to be successful in their claim for the inspection fee? While moving towards the contract that is stated above, it is important to clearly define a contract so that it is easy to understand that how this contract is going to turn

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Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows and Linux

Q1. Compare and contrast what information is stored in PCBs in Linux and Microsoft’s Windows XP, and how both manage processes? What process states are defined by each of these Operating Systems? The process control block in operating system can be considered to a data structure that is used to store information that is directly

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