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Do we need Agile: are all projects suitable for using an Agile Methodology? Annotate Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Cao, T. C. a. D.-B., 2008. A survey study of critical success factors in agile software projects. Journal of Systems and Software, 81(6), pp. 961-971. The researchers and authors from Capella University have gathered the information used in this paper from 109 agile projects from 25 countries of the world through online survey

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The Java Collections Framework

1.    Introduction The Java accumulations system (JCF) is an arrangement of classes and interfaces that actualize generally reusable gathering information structures. In spite of the fact that alluded to as a structure, it works so to speak library. The JCF gives both interfaces that characterize different accumulations and classes that execute them. 2.    History Accumulation

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Introduction Project success has been measured in a number of ways. Different writers have presented different theories and ways that how it could be measured that either the project was a success or not. A view point about the project success says that it varies from time to time after the completion of project. Once

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Security & Privacy Expectations and Requirements for Social Networks

Introduction Privacy of information is a new warfare as people are more concerned about the privacy of all the information they provide over internet specifically on social networking sites. The concept of privacy of information is not new but it has its roots back in 1860’s when postcards were being used to transfer information from

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1.    Abstract Enterprise systems are the face of new technology that is being adopted by most of the organization. This practice started from larger organizations, later on small and medium sized organizations also adopted it. As the adoption of enterprise systems expanded, the threats to its security expanded as well, same that happened to usage

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Introduction ‘It’s a small world’, is an expression that we commonly used when we encounter with someone to whom we are acquaintance with someone we know. The people in the world are now connected with the digital technology with the advent of internet and social networking sites like Facebook that have 1.71 billion active users.

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